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Welcome to Discover Yoga Studio. Owner and founder Helen Arpin has dedicated herself towards the science of yoga and opened Discover Yoga Studio in 2010. 
Our physical studio is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Classes are offered in-person, online and recorded to allow for as much accessibility and convenience as possible for our students. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner, our classes will enable you to strengthen your body, release tension and increase flexibility, as well as to relax your mind and come away with a sense of calm and equanimity that carries through to your everyday life.




Yoga with Helen has changed my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My only regret is I did not start yoga sooner. 
I have been taking yoga classes with Helen for seven years.  I have more flexibility, greater stamina, an inner calm and strength that helps me manage the physical and emotional stress in my life. Helen has a fun and accessible teaching style that accommodates all levels of ability and encourages personal growth.  
Helen’s studio is inviting and “real”. The mind, breath, and body exercises practiced in the class manifest internal peace and calm. This place of peace imparts the courage to pursue a a life of truth, confidence, and love. 

Helen Arpin

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