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Healing Gong & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation


Next class:  Friday June 21, 2024.

Time:  7:30 to 8:30 pm

Cost: In honor of Summer Solstice cost will be a cash donation either at the door or e-transfer to:

Pre-Registration is open for those that will like to save their spot.  Otherwise No need to register, just show up

Location: Rebel Salad Building - 320 Bay Street, Please use the Secord Entrance

Please be on time as the door will be locked at 7:30 pm

Instructor: Helen Arpin


Each Healing Gong & Meditation session begins with light yoga (suitable for anybody). Then we move into deep relaxation with the beautiful Paiste symphonic gong. The gong is a reinforced vibration that impacts the entire body by releasing stress, unwinding nerves, and bringing the mind to total calm. And, you’ll experience what the yogis say about the human body -- that it is, in fact, like a wonderful musical instrument constructed with meridians that allow an inflow of healing and energy to cascade into the body like a waterfall. Out of the Gong came all music, all sounds and all words


After the gong we use primal sounds (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. As you vibrate a particular combination of sounds, you tune into a higher level of intelligence and consciousness. The Mantra we use is a Healing Meditation –

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung.

No Yoga experience is necessary.

WHAT TO BRING:  The main thing is that you feel comfortable and cozy. Bring a yoga mat, or something thicker to lay down on. Bring a blanket, or a shawl to cover yourself up. You can bring other things to support you like a pillow or bolster or an eye bag. Bring a water bottle or your favorite tea in a good sealed thermos.

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