Yoga Styles Offered

Power Yoga

This class is geared towards students that enjoy a physical and mindful challenge. This is a strenuous yoga, great for those interested in picking up internal heat and building strength, flexibility, and balance. 


This class is for students with yoga experience.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an uplifting and dynamic form of yoga that awakens you to your greatest potential. This yoga style incorporates a set of postures called Kriya, a specific set of exercises for a specific effect on the body and mind. It offers powerful breathing techniques, relaxation with gong, meditation and sound vibration (mantra).

The goal is to build physical vitality, defeat stress, and increase consciousness. The body movement will open the energy centers (chakras), relax the nervous system, normalize the brain chemistry, and strengthen the organs. The end result of every class creates an open flow of energy in the body, gain control of the mind, and clear out all your stress.


This class is suitable for most fitness levels. Some kriya's are more challenging then others.

Mini Kundalini Yoga

Perfect for those that are short on time but are committed to the practice of yoga. This 40 minute class focuses on kriyas that are 30 minutes in length, with another 10 minutes for tuning in, breathing exercises, warm up postures and a 2-3 minute relaxation at the end.  

Power Lite Yoga

This 75 minute class is for those students that have yoga experience and like some challenge.  This is an invigorating class with flowing postures with a focus on breath work. Students will connect and explore their balance, strength and flexibility.  This perfectly paced class focuses on body flow and gives an amazing stretch to all areas of the body while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. With the practice of each class you will gain more insight, confidence and awareness of your body. 

This class is suitable for the intermediate student with a good sense of his/her body and with a good yoga foundation and skills.

Stretch, Strength & Balance Yoga

Enjoy this 45 minute yoga practice to set the tone for the day ahead or at the end of your day. This eclectic class draws from all styles of yoga to leave you feeling relaxed yet energized.  Experience a deeper mind/body connection, as well as flexibility, body strength and focused balance.


This yoga practice is suitable to students of all levels.

Gentle Yoga Flow

This class is wonderful for those that have a lot of stress and tension in their bodies and mind. A very rejuvenating class that will have you relaxed and peaceful, no yoga experience is necessary. You will be guided to peace and tranquility.  

A beautiful, progressive relaxation at the end is the cherry on the top.

No Yoga experience is necessary.