The Principles of Yoga

Principles to enhance your yoga practice

Proper Exercise: Yoga Postures
The aim of proper exercise is to improve suppleness and strength. This is to help keep the body ‘tuned up’ like a well running car. The body is your vehicle to experiencing all the fullness of life.

Proper Breathing
Most people use only a fraction of their breathing capacity. Proper breathing focuses on nasal breathing techniques to unlock energy and vitality. Breathing exercises concentrate on exhalation rather than inhalation, to cleanse the lungs of stale air and to eliminate toxins from the body.


Proper Relaxation
The release of tension through relaxation is vital to keep the body healthy. This allows the released energy to flow freely.


Proper Diet
The recommended diet for a student of yoga is a simple and wholesome vegetarian one, made up of natural foods that are easily digested. It keeps the body vital and healthy, and the mind calm and free from restless thoughts. Processed and canned foods are to be avoided when possible.


Positive Thinking; Meditation
Meditation is a state of consciousness. When practicing meditation, you must first learn how to calm the mind and focus your mental energy inward. Meditation can help relieve stress and replenish your energy. If it is practiced on a daily basis, you will also find that it will enable you to think more clearly and positively, and to be at peace with yourself.


Chanting/Mantra: Sound Vibration
Stimulates vibratory union between the creator and ourselves.