Hi Helen - I just wanted to check in to tell you how glad I am that I subscribed to your on-line yoga sessions. I’ve continued my 4X/week weight program but now follow each session with your gentle flow yoga. It’s a great stretch following the weights. I’ve also started doing full kundalini sessions on the other three days.  Hope all is well with you.



I have been taking yoga classes with Helen for seven years.  I have more flexibility, greater stamina, an inner calm and strength that helps me manage the physical and emotional stress in my life. Helen has a fun and accessible teaching style that accommodates all levels of ability and encourages personal growth.  



Discover Yoga Studio is a welcoming, warm, and soothing environment that maximizes one’s experience with Kundalini yoga. This practices provide tangible benefits to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and growth. Different Kriyas each session provide variety and benefits to specific body systems and Chakras. While some postures are challenging, Helen offers modifications that make them “doable” regardless your level … … leaving you feeling refreshed and aware of your spiritual energies. Helen is a highly developed practitioner and teacher of this ancient wisdom tradition who will guide you on your individual path of wellness. 



Helen’s studio is inviting and “real”. The mind, breath, and body exercises practiced in the class manifest internal peace and calm. This place of peace imparts the courage to pursue a a life of truth, confidence, and love. 



I have been with Helen for over 10 years. Yoga is now a part of my life due to Helen’s wonderful teaching. She is a dedicated yoga instructor who I would recommend to anyone wanting to try yoga. Thanks Helen! 


~K. Kem

Yoga with Helen has changed my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My only regret is I did not start yoga sooner. 



“Kundalini yoga and Ultimate Stretch yoga have made me stronger and more flexible. Helen delivers a program that is challenging and yet everyone can easily participate within their own abilities. Helen is an accomplished teacher and inspirational leader. She is fun and her classes are never boring.” 


~Carol R.

I have been taking yoga classes with Helen for years, and find Helen to be a truly inspirational teacher. She has motivated me and has shared with me the health and peace of yoga. My daughter once stated that she felt like she was wrapped in a warm blanket after partaking in one of Helen’s classes! Helen maintains her own practice, and I am always amazed at the yoga she can do. Her involvement in bringing yoga to the community demonstrates her love of yoga and her dedication to the health of all.
Thank you Helen for years of support and peace! 



After slowing making the transition from hockey to hockey/yoga and now just yoga, I have experienced many positive changes from the body stress hockey imposed. Here is an example. My husband and I were installing under cabinet lights in our kitchen which was somewhat awkward. Without batting an eye, I realized it would be much easier if I just bent backwards and laid my back on the counter, leaving my feet on the floor (think of limbo). I did this a number of times before it struck me and I said to my husband, “Never thought I’d be able to do this at 53. It’s all because of yoga”. Thank you Helen!