Karen Hartley

Master Reiki Practitioner since 2013. She is a advanced crystal healing practitioner certified by the Four Winds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences.  An advanced sound healing practitioner certified by the international Academy of Sound Healing.  A body talk access technician and Mind Scape practitioner certified by the international Body talk Association and a third degree registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master certified by the international center for Reiki Training as well as a Usui Reiki Master.


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Katherine Keeping

Katherine commitment in studying and discovering the amazing healing powers of the earth’s powerful crystals, has resulted in delivering the benefits of bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit to many of her clients.  Katherine has devoted all of her energies into her life long interest and has gained a reputation of excellence by studying and trying with some of the most distinguished specialists in the holistic health field today.  Some of her certifications include:

  • Certified Master of Crystology in Melody L1 & 2 Laying On-Of Stones and Laying On-Of Hands Workshops

  • Crystal Surgery L3

  • Crystal Healing L1 & 2

  • DNA Healing

  • Healing Touch L3

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Instructor of Crystal Healing Techniques Vol 1 & 2, written by V. Shapera & B. Kennedy.


For More information or to book and appointment with Katherine call (807) 472-7250 or email at or go to website