Yoga at Home

  • Doing yoga at home take a lot of discipline on your part. It's actually easier for most people to go to the yoga studio or a gym where there is a physical person telling you what you need to do. 

  • Some of the challenges of doing yoga at home are the distractions. Planning ahead will help you limit these issues.  Here is a check list:​

    • Practice at a time and date that is most suitable for you.

    • Let people in your household know that it's yoga day and you don't want to be disturbed.

    • Put a sign on your door 'Please do not disturb, Yoga in progress'

    • Deal with pets that may disrupt your practice

    • Turn off your phone (unless you are using it for yoga)

    • Have everything ready in the room you will be practicing in, such as water, kleenex, yoga mat, pillow, blanket, blocks, strap or any of things you might need.

    • Go to the bathroom before starting.

  • Make sure you get logged onto your computer a few minutes early. If you are late no big deal you can enter anytime you wish and leave anytime you need to.

  • Before the on-line yoga begins, take a few minutes to relax and quiet your mind.

Important Safety Tips

Yoga helps you learn about yourself, it is a practice of non-competitiveness, non-violence and non-judgment. It is important to go slow at first and listen to your body. Never force yourself into any posture that you don’t feel ready for. Your yoga teacher will go over any physical issues that you have and will suggest modifications.


A good rule to follow would be if you experience pain then you have gone too far and to back off, modify or leave the posture out.


Give yourself permission to work at a level right for you. Do not compare yourself to others, just enjoy the process.


Being patient with yourself will bring you closer to your goal of health, wellness and self-awareness.